A long strange trip: about the Wildside

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On The Wildside:

On the Wildside crew. Left to right: Julie Stutheit, Jaina Lambert, Megan Stutheit, Kay Fritz and Charlie Sutterlin.

About Us

On The Wildside was opened in 1990 by Gary and Lynne Bedenharn. The store has always been a family-run business and was sold by the Bedenharns to the Stutheit family in 2001. Though the Wildside has seen many changes as it has grown throughout the years, it has remained a fun store with a laid-back atmosphere and a diverse customer base. From college students to deadheads, and even grandmas, we’ve seen them all! We take pride in being accepting of all types of people and providing friendly service to anyone who walks through our door.

A Tribute To Romeo

After losing Romeo, we decided to wait awhile to get a new cat. However, once people heard the news everyone wanted to give us a cat. So, when we heard about a kitty who had been injured and had only three legs, we decided she was the one who needed a home at our store. We adopted her, and she is now Queen of the Wildside.

Diva   Romeo