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About Our Home Fragrance Products

Candles are also a very popular with our customers. We have a variety of votives, tea lights, tapers, pillars and jar candles. The Bright Lights line has a large selection of wonderful smelling, long lasting candles. We carry an assortment of candleholders also. Candles are a great addition to the home, and also make good gifts. We also carry soy candles, which are more healthy for the environment, and Kindle Kandles, made in the heart of Northeast Kansas in Alma.

Perhaps our biggest seller, we have a huge selection of incense sticks, cones, powders and sage smudge sticks. Be sure to get an incense card to get a free package after you buy ten packages of any incense. We promise you will not leave the store without sniffing out a fragrance you love! Of course, we have a variety of incense burners and holders as well.

Another home-fragrance option is an aroma lamp. Aroma lamps hold scented oil, which is heated with a tea light candle to release the fragrance. We have glass, ceramic and pewter lamps. We also offer essential oils to use in the lamps. Lavender and patchouli are best sellers, but there are many other scents to choose from.

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