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Custom-made hemp jewelry

One of our specialties is making our own hemp jewelry right here in the store. We have a wide selection of beads, pendants and weaving techniques from which customers can choose to design their own necklace, anklet or bracelet. We will make the jewelry and the customer can pick it up later. We can usually have it done the same day, however if we are busy it could be the next day.

Aside from our homemade hemp jewelry, we also have many other styles of jewelry to choose from. Another very popular item is the heishi shell necklace, which we have in various colors. Sterling silver pendants, rings, bracelets, anklets and earrings are also available. Many of these are also available with semi-precious stones.

Another form of jewelry in high demand is body jewelry. We have a small selection of jewelry for most piercings. What we don't have in stock, we can most likely order for you.

In the summertime, we carry an assortment of toe rings.


Necklaces are generally $7 plus the price of beads. Anklets are $6 and bracelets are $4. Additional cost may be added for bracelets and anklets if the chosen beads are more than $2. However, this is a rare occurance.

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