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A Tribute To Romeo

Romeo, approx. 17, left for kitty heaven on Thursday, May 19, 2005. He leaves behind many loved ones and friends in Aggieville and around Manhattan.

Romeo was adopted from the Humane Society by Lynn and Gary Bedenharn, the original owners of On The Wildside. He came to live at the store sometime in the early ‘90s, so he lived here for most of his life. The Wildside opened in May, 1990, so Romeo has roamed the store almost as long as it has existed.

When our family bought the store from Lynn and Gary in 2001, Romeo came with it. Or maybe we bought Romeo, and the store came with him. Who really knows? Anyway Romeo became our cat and we loved him as much as our pets at home.

In his younger years, Romeo loved to chase hemp strings as you made necklaces, and chase rubber bands you shot across the room for him. He was also an excellent exterminator, killing any large bugs that made their way into the store. He was most notorious however, for basking in the sun on the display case by the window for hours on end. This is how many people met him. They saw him as they passed by and came in to pet him.

Though he will be missed by many, we can all rest easy knowing he had a long and wonderful life. Romeo truly enjoyed living on the wild side...

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